A utility and governance token of the Azuki community. Azuki, the brand for the metaverse. By the community.

AzukiCoin is a governance and utility token that serves a variety of functions within the Azuki ecosystem, which is made up of individual token holders and the products and services utilizing the token.

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Many platforms, projects, and interfaces are using the derivatives liquidity enabled by AzukiCoin.


A collection of 10,000 avatars that give you membership access to The Garden. It starts with NFT drops, live events, exclusive streetwear collabs and much more that will be revealed over time.
App Development


Community ownership in Azuki allows for a new $Azuki utilty coin which the world has yet to explore.

App Development

Chiru Labs

Behind AzukiCoin is Chiru Labs, a startup composed of several members and technologists in Los Angeles with vast experience in crypto, art, and gaming, all of them joining forces to bring a recognizable brand to the metaverse.

App Development

An Azuki is your identity in the metaverse, let's build together.

An $Azuki utility coin is made to support the art, culture and what’s built on by the community. It will serve as a decentralized protocol layer for community-led initiatives that drive culture forward into the metaverse.

web development
NFTs MarketPlace

NFTs Collection

Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswap exchanges On January 6, 2023.

Listing Price - 1 $AZK = 0.005$

Airdrop & Pre-Sale Ends in

App Development Claim 500,000 $AZK Swap your Airdrop

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Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 1,000,000 $AZK

Max Buy 5 BNB = 500,000,000 $AZK


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More About Us

AzukiCoin($AZK) has a purpose-built blockchain that is designed to be scalable and fast.

The coin uses the DPoS consensus algorithm and employs a unique staking model that provides rewards for both users who stake their coins and for those who run AzukiCoin ($AZK) nodes.

Purposes of Azuki utility coin ($AZK)

>Governance: All AzukiCoin holders are DAO members who can participate in protocol-related proposals and design new visions for both temporary and long-term aspects.

>Access: Azuki utility coins grants holders access to games, exclusive merch, events, and services.

>Utility Token: Holders of AzukiCoin may also use it as a digital currency to conduct transactions within blockchains.

Token Details
Name - AzukiCoin
Symbol - $AZK
Decimal - 18
Address - 0xc1453fC5aeB67796A7Ea5d7AaFFc9544DDF13fA3